December 11, 2019

Recession Resilience Triangle for Professional Service Firms

A white paper by Sebastian Hartmann, Stephan Kaufmann, Felix Fischer

With the shorter and darker days of winter approaching, many indicators across industries, geographies and economies reflect growing uncertainty – and the threat of an economic downturn or even recession. So, we have asked ourselves: How will Professional Services as an industry be impacted and respond? Which Legal, Consulting, Accounting or Technology Services firms will suffer or decline … and which firms will thrive?

Together with my colleagues Stephan Kaufmann and Felix Fischer, we have assessed a number of knowledge-driven B2B services, market trends and transformative forces – and distilled the key factors for „Recession Resilience“ in a professional services context:

Feel free to download and share our latest thinking and let us know your feedback and thoughts – the time to prepare is now, because „winter is coming“!

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